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EventCam is a streaming ecosystem

Streaming to all major social media platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc), EventCam will take care of all aspects of event video coverage. From our ``Remote Cam`` capable of 720p streaming from the most remote locations, to high quality video coverage in any venue; EventCam is a complete solution for live streaming and can help bring your next event to the masses and into homes and devices worldwide.


Remote EventCam

The 'remote' EventCam comes with powerful features

720p Streaming

~48 hours of 720p streaming even in the most remote locations*

Wireless & 4G

Capable of 2.4/5ghz Wifi and 4G LTE connectivity, signal dependant


Fully weatherproof system to withstand the most brutal conditions

Solar Powered

Powered by a 30W or 50W solar panel with room for optional upgrades

Battery Backed

Backed by two batteries for increased longevity and uninterrupted power conditioning (UPS)

Fully Time Programmed

Wake-on-demand features and fully customizable settings


Meet the EventCam Team

Aaron Rezzonico

CEO / Marketing / Co-Creator

Sam Ferrara

Co-creator / Technology / Support / Web

Oksana Rezzonico

Finances / Administration

Antonio Campana
& Nicola Trotti

Camera / Programming / Setup / Support

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EventCam is ready to be deployed anywhere in the world. Contact us for pricing, availability, and logistics.